My process is a simple one. I value open communication and an understanding of one another’s aesthetic. I welcome your unique vision!

To get started, please email me the following:

·       2-4 images that capture the style, look, feel, and color of the space. Send me some inspiration that tells a story of the interior you are creating. This includes anything from photos to artwork to fabric swatches. I like to think of this as the time for us both to get dreamy!

·       The desired dimension. If you are having difficulty with naming a size that you would like, then simply send me several photos and measurements of your space. I will help to find the perfect dimension to fit your home. 

·       At this time, please let me know if there are any particular works from my Instagram or my Paintings section that speak to you. It helps me to see just what you’re drawn to.

·       List of 2-4 colors you’d love to see in this piece as well as 2-4 colors that you would like to omit.


Once I have looked over your request, I will send over a timeline along with pricing. After an agreement is made for your project, I will create an invoice based on our agreements. Payment is split into two equal parts. The first payment is due before we begin and the second is due before shipment. After payment is received, your project will be added to the calendar. Once you have safely received your painting, one last installment will be made for the shipping expense. Most timelines for custom artwork is anywhere between 4-6 weeks. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about my process! I love the connections that are made through my work and I look forward to creating something unique for you! I can't wait to begin!


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